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How to Make Woodcuts

Learning how to make woodcuts is easy but takes some practice!
My blog 1000 Woodcuts Updates has information on basic and advanced techniques, tips and tricks, tools and supplies and even a bookstore!

"Each is given a bag of tools, 
A shapeless mass and a book of rules; 
And each must make, ere life is flown, 
A stumbling block or a stepping stone." 
-R L Sharpe

To make Call of the Desert I started out with a design which I transfer to a block of wood. I draw the design on the wood with pencil and ink. With wood carving knives and chisels, I chisel out what I don't want to print, making it a relief carving or a sort of a "stamp." After everything is carved, the relief is inked and paper is pressed onto the inked block with hand tools or a press. When the paper is lifted a beautiful print appears!

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