The Great Cairn

Monumental Puzzle Print #2 - Completed 2007-2008

Puzzle Prints Defined

Cairn blockBriefly, a Monumental Puzzle Print is a large design composed of "puzzle pieces", each of which is designed and carved by a unique artist under a common theme. The coordinator designs and cuts the puzzle, sends the pieces and assembles the carved pieces. The entire design is printed after the puzzle is assembled and each participant receives a huge print encompassing the entire design.

The Theme

The Cairn", as tightly or loosely interpreted as each participant wishes. In my view, Baren (http://barenforum.org) is much like a cairn, with all sorts of people coming and going and everyone leaving their little stone as a marker, indication, simple "I was here", bit of guidance, pebble of wisdom, and an infinite etcetera. While the last puzzle sought an answer for the question "What is Baren?" the Cairn theme perhaps states "My contribution to Baren" or "How I fit into Baren" or simply, as a traveler might, "this is my footprint" but that's just three of many possible interpretations.

Cairn Suggestion: Discussion in the forum may bring up some ideas. Googling "cairn" will definitely bring up some ideas. Moderator will NOT refuse any design on any basis, we're artists for crying out loud.

FORMAT/DETAILS: Coordinator will purchase as many blocks as required for the size of the project; the Cairn allows for a scroll-format so that this may be a looooong print (my press allows for a width of 22 inches or 34 cm). The blocks will then be sawn in as many pieces as there are participants. The pieces will be irregular and resembling rocks or pebbles which, when pieced together, will form the cairn or stack. The shape of the stack (or stacks?) will remain undetermined until all the sign-ups are received.