2008 Goldwell Open Air Museum
and Red Barn Art Center: The Big Picture

Photos by Maria Arango
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A very brief summary!

My residency at the Goldwell Open Air Museum's Red Barn Center all started as an adventure without much of a plan. For once, I wanted to see what I would do if I had nothing else to do but to make art, and I wanted to see what the place would inspire without pre-thinking (over-thinking) the process of making images.

With open mind and open views all around me, I set out to build my guiding compass. I could start off every day by building a little of the compass, then head off in that direction and let the muses do the rest. I did just that, resulting in the most delightful unstructured routine possibly of my adult life.

This first picture was taken by David Lancaster, another Goldwell-convert (and Board Member). This is the finished compass rose, a little larger than I had envisioned and possibly a permanent fixture of the locale. Rocks, after all, don't get taken by the winds and tend to stick around once in a comfortable place.

Two weeks later I had eight large blocks, four of the views from the Red Barn and four of the Red Barn as viewed from a compass point, and twenty "sketch" blocks. I made the Red Barn the center of the universe for this adventure; if the universe is a great big expanding eternal "ball", then it follows that the center could be anywhere we wish it to be. Well, that's my logic anyway.

The rest of the pictures on this page are a couple of interesting views and the panoramic views from and around the Red Barn Art Center, my home on October 2008.


Two of the most visible sculptures in the Open Air Museum as viewed from the remnants of a mine's entrance. Ghosts in a ghost town viewed from a ghost mine.

no water

One of my favorite views of the Rhyolite ghost town viewed from the North end of town. Someone left a sign on the ground which struck me as an ironic possible explanation on the town's demise. Of course, history readers know the real reason was: no gold!

road to dv

The impossibly straight road to Death Valley National Park, viewed from the East toward the park.


View to the EAST from the center of the universe The Red Barn, shows the old General Store and the Bottle House.


View to the NORTH with Rhyolite to the right of the picture, the Red Barn just under Bonanza Mountain and Mine and the creosote and sagebrush ocean in front.


View to the WEST from just up the road to Bullfrog Mine.


Best for last, the amazing view to the SOUTH, viewed from the center of the universe.


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