Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Print #1

First Barenforum.org Puzzle Print

What is Baren? A Puzzle by Its Members

This is how these projects started! I am leaving the old format intact so it may be a bit different than later projects. The main ingredients, participants, process and image, are all here.

Print: Left SidePrint: Right Side

SUMMARY: Each participant designs and carves a piece of a large block. Coordinator prints. Participants get back prints of the whole block.
COORDINATOR: Maria Arango THEME: "What is Baren?" the question posed by one of our members a while back and really makes you think about who we are, what we do and why we do it. The question can be "answered" with complete freedom by participants. Discussion in the forum may bring up some ideas. Moderator will NOT refuse any print on the basis of anything, we're artists for crying out loud.

SIGN UP: Sign up is now CLOSED DEADLINE: Approximately 7-8 months from completion of sign up. I will print the entire project in the summer of 2003.

FORMAT/DETAILS: Your insane coordinator will purchase TWO wood blocks approximately 20" x 28" (50.8 x 71 cm) in size; probably birch, perhaps maple plywood to keep easy to carve. She will then proceed to draw a very simple design on the block with a fine marker. The design will be in the spirit of the question "What is Baren?" and will simply serve as an underlying "binding" for participant's designs. The blocks will then be sawn in as many pieces as there are participants. The pieces will be irregular, not exactly in the traditional "puzzle" shapes but something similar. Consequently, each piece will have a portion of the drawn design, the identity of which will remain a mystery until all the pieces are printed. I am also hoping that the underlying design will become completely irrelevant except in its "binding" role of the whole. Upon sign up completion: - Each participant receives a pre-cut block, approximately 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm) in size and of an irregular shape. The block will contain some predrawn lines and whatever design each participant invents must somehow "work with" those lines. There will be a pre-set orientation marked on the back of each block (which way is up). - Design and carving starts in the privacy of everyone's homes and at whatever pace you should like to work as long as the deadline is met, a generous 7-8 months after sign up. Don't worry, I will remind you. Any carving/gouging/sanding/injuring method may be used on the block; final block will be printed relief. - Participants mail the blocks to the coordinator. After all the blocks are received by the coordinator: - The individual pieces will be re-assembled and printed in BLACK on WHITE paper, so keep that in mind when designing. - Any drop-outs will result in a missing puzzle piece, which would be an interesting statement of what someone thinks of Baren. I will substitute the missing piece with a block that contains only the underlying design lines. - Ink will be oil-based BLACK and I will most likely use a heavy printmaking off-white paper such as BFK buff or similar. - Each participant gets 2 prints of the entire puzzle.

A total of: participants x 2 (+1 archive) prints will be pulled. The future of the blocks is to be decided later by the group involved (each gets tiny block back, entire block mounted and kept in some gallows for posterity, ???). - Web exposure, participants names and process pics will be provided in my website, linked from the Baren site and from this page. - Participants pay only postage to mail the blocks and get the prints. Block, ink, paper, elbow grease and mailing tubes provided by coordinator. Addendum: Revised plan: TWO pannels 20" x 28" will be sawn to smitherines and distributed. The underlying guiding lines will remain one design, it will now span the two panels. The print will be a two-panel print and everyone will get both prints. Blocks will be randomly asigned, will contain the coordinates of where your block resides in the puzzle (like a map 3-A), and the orientation will be predetermined (portrait/landscape). (ASIDE: the reason I want to keep the panels that size is because I'm printing on my trusty little press and want to keep handling the sheets of paper and loose blocks as manageable as possible. Once I build a jig to hold the puzzle together, this size will just fit on my press bed.) (ASIDE ASIDE: everyone is invited to witness/help with the printing, of course, but since it will have to be in the summer I would warn that this is not the comfiest time to visit Vegas.)

Image and Key

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Participant List

  1. E.B. Atwood |elizuno
  2. Carole Baker |Caroleb
  3. Monica Bright |megs_84321
  4. Louise Cass |lcass
  5. John Center |furrypressII
  6. Colleen Corradi |colleen
  7. Daniel L Dew |ddew0001
  8. Brenda Everett |laprovence2001
  9. Georga Garside |aqua4tis
  10. Gillyin Gatto |gillying
  11. Patsy Giclas |pgiclas
  12. Bea Gold |bea
  13. Raymond Hamilton |rham
  14. Shireen Holman |shireenh
  15. Linda M Hornberger |LMHTWB
  16. Sarah Houser |Cucamongie
  17. George Jarvis |jarvis
  18. Julianne Kershaw |jkershaw
  19. Mary Kuster |mkuster
  20. Sharri LaPierre |Barebonesart
  21. Ruth Leaf |leafruth
  22. Sharen Linder |slinders
  23. Mike Lyon |mikelyon
  24. Carol Lyons |artfulcarol
  25. Gilda E Machado - Zimmerling |gemzeditionz
  26. Darrell Madis |artsmadis
  27. Barbara Mason |lbmason71
  28. Charles Morgan |cmorgan
  29. James Mundie |jimandkatemundie
  30. Nancy Osadchuk |nosadchuk
  31. Barbara Patera |b.patera
  32. Kat Pukas |milkyscarabs
  33. Jack Reisland |reislandj001
  34. Wanda Robertson |robertson
  35. Julio Rodriguez |julio.rodriguez
  36. JD Roehrig |jd423
  37. Kim Shields |kls
  38. Philip W. Smith |Philip238
  39. Agda Synnergren |agda.synnergren
  40. Jan Talfer| jtelfer
  41. Sylvia Taylor |syltaylor
  42. Francisco Trueba |ftrueba
  43. Carol Wagner |carolwagner
  44. Gayle Wohlken |blueman