Late May Update

Another month has crawled by and we are now bathed by the beauty of spring. Really!!!
Online Updates
Unfortunately I have spent the better part of the last few weeks sitting on my A-- rebuilding my website and longing for that pool just outside my window.
That's my new logo, for now.
Oh but the website work was worth it, it's pretty!
Check it out:
While I was at it, I changed the theme of my blog to match (almost, sort of):
My next task on the techie side of things is to bring back (no, not my Bonnie to me), where was I? oh yes, bring back all the wonderful educational content I used to have. I have found it in the depths of my hard-drive and will be slowly but surely reformatting it into a brave new collection of viewable and downloadable pamphlets. My self-taught WordPress lessons are going well but I am a very distractable student, so I found out.
Anyhow, link from my new website to my new Printmaking Studio site will be live by summer's end.
Shop Updates
Some of you may have caught on that my website is now also a gallery/shop. Right you are! But the fun content will come.
Aaaand thanks to this isolation thinguie and to my new super-duper listing software, I now have presence in Amazon Handmade, Etsy and eBay. Not to "dis" Google, I am working on getting in on their new marketplace Google Shopping. A big headache but hopefully worth the exposure. No festivals in the horizon so the great web will have to do for now.
Incidentally! (wink wink) I am having an eBay auction right now which will end THIS Monday evening PST. Selected items are listed at 50% off starting price and 10% off Buy It Now.
If you want me to teach you how to "snipe" on eBay to get things cheap, just send me a request. By far the most fun you will have this month.
All my other items on "the bay" are listed fixed price but with a Best Offer feature which gives me a chance to interact with customers a bit more "live." I have already sold a block! Taking best offers is almost like being in an art festival. Once I traded a discount for a beer (it was very hot that day!).
Here is the fun "bay" shop:
Art Updates
Meanwhile back in the studio...
I finished In the Waterfall, a relief block remake of an old print named Pine Creek. I must say I love carving basswood for those deep relief carvings. I just finished staining it with slightly colored stains. You can see the block and process in my latest blog post:
And here is a detail, she's a beaut!
And that about wraps it up, already working on two new prints so be sure to follow the blog where everything happens all of the time.
Stay safe, stay sane and don't forget to go outside and give the flowers a welcome sniff!
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