2 ART CARD Set Bristlecone Pines Story Teller Timberline Traveler Ancient

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Story Teller and Timberline Traveler Set of Two Art Cards Bristlecone Pines
2 ART CARD Set Bristlecone Pines Story Teller Timberline Traveler Ancient
Image: Inspired by the bristlecone pines of the high Sierras and the White Mountains in Nevada and California. These ancient pines thrive in the harshest of conditions above the timberline where winds whip the traveler relentlessly, cold strikes in the warmest of summer days and rocky terrain holds but the slightest quantity of soil. Clinging to the cliff edges and the rocks, somehow they manage to tell their story to the intrepid hiker that dares climb with them.

Craft brown photo holder card dimensions 7.5x5 inches, image tucks inside pocket
Image on satin photo paper, dimensions 6x4 inches
Window is 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Please choose QUANTITY: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 10 cards
Mix and match!? Sure! Any image in my shop just indicate which ones you want in the personalization or via message

Also available individually as a fine art print in any size

From an original woodcut print by Maria Arango Diener - 1000 Woodcuts
Printed with dye jet inks on satin photo paper, UV treated
Studio chops and signature on image edge
All Maria Arango Diener art prints and cards are original images. Original means that the image was conceived and created first by Maria Arango Diener, not copied from another source.
Copyright ©1000 Woodcuts 1997 - Maria Arango Diener - All rights reserved
Maria Arango Diener images are copyrighted by the artist and the brand 1000 Woodcuts in the year created. Signed Art Card Open edition Tree Traditional 5x7

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