Fragile Original Mandala of Intertwined Figures Hand-carved Cherry Relief Woodblock OOAK Mounted Framed

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Block Dimension: 9 x 9 inches
Block: Cherrywood

Comments: "For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are"
Those lyrics are from a Sting song, later I heard it by Jesse Cook. I am a loner and enjoy solitude but time and again I am reminded how very much I depend on and cherish connections with friends and family, however fragile they may be.
The image is a revisit of an early large print with some modifications...and a new tiny block of course.

Block: Cherrywood, solid plank

Print also available in my store under Unique Figures section, will be included free of charge with block purchase


An original block is a rare find as most printmaking artists keep their blocks in their personal collections or simply sand or plane old designs and reuse blocks. Traditionally, once an edition of prints was completed, the original carved woodblock was cancelled so that no additional prints could be produced. Artists or their printers would break the block or scar the design with a wood carving tool; then a print would be produced from the defaced block to assure the collector that the block was indeed cancelled. Being of non-violent nature, I instead carve my signature and cover the entire design with a thick polyurethane resin to preserve every carved detail. I then make this one-of-a-kind unique piece available to collectors (and, yes, it hurts to let them go!).

Blocks are available for many of the prints you see around you, even if the block is not currently being shown. Some blocks have not finished producing the edition. If you are interested in reserving a specific block, please ask. Any available block can be reserved with a deposit or purchased now and shipped directly to you. Signed Framed Original woodblock One of a kind

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