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1000 Woodcuts

4-ARTISTS TEAM FULL Participation Including Final Shipping to USA $293

4-ARTISTS TEAM FULL Participation Including Final Shipping to USA $293

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HumanNature Puzzle Woodcut Print: 4-Artists TEAM Participants FULL COST including Final Shipping to USA

One artist (on SIGN UP) designated as TEAM CAPTAIN, all prints/books shipped together to this awesome human

You EACH agree to design and carve a tiny wood block under the theme HUMAN.NATURE. and send it back to me. After I finish the printing all artists will receive ALL-PANELS of the  Puzzle (each panel 20 x 26 inches or 51 x 66 cm).

All artists also receive the colophon as a  PRINTED BOOK Human.Nature. with a tiny folded poster of the entire print tucked inside. The book contains the chronology of the project, a picture of each of the panels, list of participants and contributors, pictures of all the individual contributions with artist blurbs and a photo review of the process.

INCLUDES for each artist:
    • Participation in the making of the puzzle
    • FULL FOUR (or more)-PANEL HumanNature woodcut puzzle print
    • Printed Book: Human.Nature.
    • Mini-poster reproduction 
  • ESTIMATED DELIVERY of Final Print March 2023
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