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Blue Planet Original Color Woodcut with Cork and Cherry Blocks

Blue Planet Original Color Woodcut with Cork and Cherry Blocks

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Blue Planet
PaperDim: 8.5 " x 11"
ImageDim: 6.5" x 10 "
Block: Birch key block, cork color blocks
Ink: Water-based Daniel Smith and Graphic Chemical
Paper: Parchment blue/gray
Edition: 60

Comment: I continue to use cork as a way to get a "shimmer" from these color woodcuts. When printing, cork acts like a sponge, whether using water or oil inks, and collects ink between the grains. This tends to accumulate and then pop out when pressure is applied so it gives very interesting effects. This also means that the cork block has to be completely cleaned off every ten prints or more often, otherwise the grain fills up completely and the grainy effect is gone.
You can also spritz the cork (if using waterbased inks) with water and get an effect much like watercolor. After a few practice prints, the effect is actually quite consistent and controllable throughout the edition.

The image was done for an exchange among printmakers with the theme "Earth". I always enjoy space pictures that show our planet as a peaceful and clean blue planet.

Process: Woodcuts are made by drawing an image on a block of wood, usually cherry in my case, then carving out the negative spaces. After carving, what is left is a big "stamp" of the desired image. I roll ink with a roller over the woodcut, place a piece of handmade paper on the inked block, apply pressure and transfer the image on the paper.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed and numbered in pencil. Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 12 to 36 in
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