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1000 Woodcuts

Hikers SET 4 Original Woodcut Prints Day in Nature Collection Black

Hikers SET 4 Original Woodcut Prints Day in Nature Collection Black

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SET of Four Day in Nature Landscapes 1. Dawn, 2. Midday, 3. Sundown, 4. Midnight
Original Limited Edition Woodcuts
Please CHOOSE YOUR SET of 1 or all 4, then personalize your set via comments, you may use only numbers as pictured

Black and white prints on off white paper
Signed in pencil by the artist
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist

Woodcut Prints
Each Approximately 6 x 2 in Paper Size, image slightly smaller
Edition 200

Block: Cherrywood
Ink: Blue to purple/black and Red to umber/black
Paper: Daphne handmade
Process: Sketched on the field

Just off the top of my head, these quick images are great for kids who love nature, as gifts or even one of a kind bookmarks for book lovers. I love the desert and enjoy day and night hikes, sitting and watching the sun or hugging trees (sometimes rocks!).
These are many smaller woodcuts that I use as "sketches" to hone skill in capturing the woodcut essence in the desert around me. I usually take a bunch of little blocks in my backpack the way other artists take a sketchbook. A magic marker is my weapon of choice as it allows me to sketch quickly and capture the quirky shapes of desert flora and the awesome darks and lights of desert landscapes.
Suitable for smaller frames, these make great gifts framed or unframed. Signed Woodcut Limited edition Nature Traditional up to 6 in
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