Light Seekers Original Hand-carved Siberian Birch Relief Woodblock OOAK Mounted Framed 30x40 in

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Light Seekers
Original Carved Woodblock, Siberian Birch
24" x 36" block size, framed 32" x 40"
One of a kind

Block: Siberian Birch

Image: Inspired by a photograph of Mt. Charleston (a decent 11K' mountain near Las Vegas) where a forest of pines stretched out their branches toward the winter sun. Mountain trees are light seekers, stretching their branches toward the scant winter light in order to survive. The limbs grow upward in a struggle for life giving light.

Block was finished by letting the last layer of ink dry and re-carving the background to clean it up. Two coats of polyurethane satin protect the wood and fill the lines so that the block is truly cancelled. Signed Framed Original woodblock One of a kind