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1000 Woodcuts

Matched Set of 2 Earth Nature Nordic Gods Woodcut Prints on Fiber Handmade Paper

Matched Set of 2 Earth Nature Nordic Gods Woodcut Prints on Fiber Handmade Paper

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"Mimir" and "Yggdrassil"
Original Limited Edition Woodcut Set of Two (2)
Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist
In pristine/never framed condition (sold unmatted/unframed)
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist

Mimir and Yggdrassil

9" x 6"
Edition 100

Block: Cherry
Ink: Black
Paper: Marbled/Chestnut Hand-Made
Process: Standard woodcut
Image: Again I meld the human and wood, this time literally by creating a human tree, or perhaps a tree-man and tree-woman. Our natures are so alike. I am told this could represent a bit of Nordic lore, Mimir is the mother of a Norse God named Yggdrasil who held the earth and sky together by turning into a tree. He gained strength yearly from his mother, Spring or Mimir.

I had intended to make larger versions once these "sketches" were done but never got around to it. Still, they would look pretty awesome lifesize, I think.

Traditionally, woodcuts in sets are the same theme, size and type of paper. They are matched sets, meaning the same edition number appears on both (whenever possible). Artists often work in a "series" because we have an idea that develops in several different but closely related ways. Serious art collectors often purchase entire series directly from the artist as they become more valuable when an entire set is kept together. Because they are a matched set, they look great framed together. Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 6 to 12 in
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