MATTED 12x16 Original Woodcut Print Tender Embrace Classic Figures Couple Hug

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Original Limited Edition Woodcut

Matted, ready to frame in a 12x16 standard size frame.
Single mat, artwork mounted with linen tape or archival adhesive, as shown.

Tender Embrace
6" x 4"
Edition 200

Block: Cherry
Ink: Black
Paper: Daphne, hand-made in Nepal, heavily deckled
Image: This is a classic "model" pose. These smaller images are my way of sketching which I consider an exercise for bigger and better woodcuts. I can't seem to sketch on a notebook, the task seems like a waste of time. I draw on a solid cherry block, from models or model books, and cut the block while day dreaming my next big piece.

Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
Signed Numbered Matted Woodcut Limited edtion Figures Surrealism 6 to 12 in

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