MATTED 16x12 Original Woodcut Norse Goddess Legend Mimir Earth Sky Mother

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Matted, ready to frame in a 12x16 standard size frame.
Single mat, artwork mounted with linen tape or archival adhesive, as shown.

7" x 5"
Edition 200

Block: Cherry
Ink: Black
Paper: Mexican Bark Marbled/Chestnut
Process: Standard woodcut
Image: Again I meld the human and wood, this time literally by creating a human tree, or perhaps a tree-woman. Our natures are so alike. I am told this could represent the mother of a Norse God named Iggdrasil who held the earth and sky together by turning into a tree. He gained strength from his mother Spring or Mimir, shown here.

Process: Woodcuts and wood engravings are made by drawing an image on a block of wood, usually cherry in my case, then carving out the negative spaces. After carving, what is left is a big "stamp" of the desired image. I roll ink with a roller over the woodcut, place a piece of handmade paper on the inked block, apply pressure and transfer the image on the paper.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed and numbered in pencil. Signed Numbered Matted Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 6 to 12 in

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