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1000 Woodcuts

MATTED 16x12 Together Hopeful Future In Love Original Woodcut Handmade Paper

MATTED 16x12 Together Hopeful Future In Love Original Woodcut Handmade Paper

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OUT OF THE WOOD VI: Hope for the Future

Matted, ready to frame in a 12x16 standard size frame.
Single mat, artwork mounted with linen tape or archival adhesive, as shown.

Original Limited Edition Woodcut
Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist

Out of the Wood VI
1999 Woodcut
Image 3" x 6"
Paper Approximately 5" x 8"
Edition 100

The 4 Woodcuts from this series available as a Collector's Matched Set in my Store

Block: Cherrywood
Ink: Mixes of umber and copper and gold
Paper: Daphne natural hand-made Nepalese paper with ragged deckled edges.
Process: Single block and print
Image: I carved Out of the Wood III through VI as a demo during an art festival. It seems when I am out demonstrating this art, I am relaxed. Pulling these prints on the spot for people who watched was very rewarding for me. The unique swirls of the grain in each piece of wood inspire a human figure (often); I "see" the nature of the wood and the nature of humans very alike in their sweeping graceful twirls and curves. I am always drawn to the classic figure in classic poses, I imagine a happy artistic leftover from all those figure drawing classes.

Signed Numbered Matted Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 6 to 12 in
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