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1000 Woodcuts

Moon SET Collection 4 Night Desert Tree Landscape Original Woodcuts

Moon SET Collection 4 Night Desert Tree Landscape Original Woodcuts

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Moon SET Collection of 4
Moon Joshua Tree, Agaves, Pines, Bristlecone
Woodcut Prints
Each 6.5 x 5 inches image and paper size
Edition 200
CHOOSE to mat or frame your work, ready to gift or hang on the wall!
Frame/mat 8x10 inches ivory (off white), frame modern metal black

Block: Birch
Ink: Black
Paper: Arches buff
Process: Sketched on the field
Image: Desert nights are spectacular and by the full moon there is enough light to hike and enjoy the open landscape and the fantastic shapes of the Joshua trees and Agaves. Often it is the only time when it is cool enough in summer and the quiet is soothing. Scramble up the mountain a bit and the trails yield a pine forest and bristlecone pines shining in the moonlight.
This is one of many smaller woodcuts that I use as "sketches" to hone skill in capturing the woodcut essence in the desert around me. I usually take a bunch of little blocks in my backpack the way other artists take a sketchbook. A magic marker is my weapon of choice as it allows me to sketch quickly and capture the quirky shapes of desert flora and the awesome darks and lights of desert landscapes.
Suitable for smaller frames, these make great gifts framed or unframed.

How are woodcuts and wood engravings made?
Woodcuts are made by carving a block of wood, leaving in relief what is going to be the image. Once the block is carved, thick printing ink is applied with a roller, paper is placed on top of the inked block, and finally pressure is applied to the paper with a tool such as a wooden spoon or a Japanese baren. The ink transfers to the paper and the result is a beautiful hand-pulled print, deeply embossed into the hand-made paper. I use cherrywood almost exclusively and enjoy hunting for a variety of thick and textural hand-made papers for most of my woodcuts.
All my woodcuts are original in design and created using the finest printmaking materials available. Inks are permanent and any framing materials are acid-free and archival in quality.

All woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed in pencil by the artist.
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
ALL MATERIALS ARCHIVAL QUALITY AND PERMANENT Signed Numbered Matted Framed Woodcut Limited edtion Landscape Traditional up to 6 in
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