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1000 Woodcuts

Original Art Color Japanese Woodblock Print Valley of Fire II Southwest Desert Landscape

Original Art Color Japanese Woodblock Print Valley of Fire II Southwest Desert Landscape

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Valley of Fire II
Woodblock print 2010
7" x 12"
Edition 100

Print Title: Valley of Fire I
Paper Dimension: 7 x 12 inches
Image Dimension: 5 x 10 inches
Block: Six Shina plywood blocks
Ink: Akua Color pigment
Paper: New Hosho
Edition: 100
Comments: Process: The woodblock process requires a separate block for each color, damp paper, perfect registration, and the pigment is brushed instead of rolled. Pigments are a mix of pure pigment and water with rice paste to "make them stick". The woodblock process in the Japanese tradition is exacting, demanding and tedious, yet somehow extremely satisfying. To watch all the colors come together to create an image step by step is amazing. The purity of color and "watercolor-like" effect are probably the most satisfying...well, that and cleaning up with water in the kitchen sink in two minutes flat!

Image: The Southwest is rich in scenery. Whether traveling and simply looking out the car window or purposely visiting one of the many National Parks or Recreation Lands, the vastness of the landscape amazes with color and rugged features. Of all the places I have traveled, the Valley of Fire, a mere 50 miles from Las Vegas, remains one of my most favorite places. Humble and secluded, this little Nevada State Park will take me a lifetime to explore properly on the soles of my hiking boots. While I do that, I will share the spots that stick in my head.

Woodcuts and wood engravings are made by drawing an image on a block of wood, usually cherry in my case, then carving out the negative spaces. After carving, what is left is a big "stamp" of the desired image. I roll ink with a roller over the woodcut, place a piece of handmade paper on the inked block, apply pressure and transfer the image on the paper.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed and numbered in pencil by the artist.
Sold in pristine/never framed condition (sold unmatted/unframed).
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
ALL MATERIALS ARCHIVAL QUALITY AND PERMANENT Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Landscape Traditional 12 to 36 in
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