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1000 Woodcuts

Original woodblock print pink purple green Mojave Willow flower blooms

Original woodblock print pink purple green Mojave Willow flower blooms

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Mojave Willow
Woodblock Print 2010
4" x 6"
Edition 100

Print Title: Mojave Willow
Paper Dimension: 7 x 5 inches
Image Dimension: 6 x 4 inches
Block: 6 Shina ply
Ink: Akua-Kolor pigments
Paper: New Hosho
Edition: 100
Comments: Japanese traditional moku-hanga.

About a month ago, our desert garden decided to reward us with some color. This "desert garden" used to be referred to as "the back-40". When we first moved in we gracefully called it "raw desert" and it was near five years before we got around to planting some desert hardy plants, shrubs and trees.

Fast forward another five years of planting, moving, about a mile of drip irrigation trenching, pipe, hoses and drip heads...and VOILA! A beautiful desert garden with flowering trees, sage, and other assorted Mojave native and Mojave hardy plants.

The willows, my first tribute to the garden, bloom all summer and recently in early fall. Bees are attracted to the pollen in the yellow center, guided there by the twin "runways" of the flower. Here is a gift from the hardy Mojave Willow.

Woodcuts and wood engravings are made by drawing an image on a block of wood, usually cherry in my case, then carving out the negative spaces. After carving, what is left is a big "stamp" of the desired image. I roll ink with a roller over the woodcut, place a piece of handmade paper on the inked block, apply pressure and transfer the image on the paper.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed and numbered in pencil by the artist.
Sold in pristine/never framed condition (sold unmatted/unframed).
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
ALL MATERIALS ARCHIVAL QUALITY AND PERMANENT Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Floral Traditional 6 to 12 in
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