Original Woodcut Bristlecone Overlooking Canyon Desert Landscape on Fiber Paper

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Woodcut Print
7x5 in
Edition 200

Block: Cherrywood
Ink: Black
Paper: Lotka blue/rust as shown

Process: Sketched on the field
Image: This is one of many smaller woodcuts that I use as "sketches" to hone skill in capturing the woodcut essence in the desert around me. This one is from the Sierras. A magic marker is my weapon of choice as it allows me to sketch quickly and capture the quirky shapes of desert flora and the awesome darks and lights of desert landscapes.
Suitable for smaller frames, these make great gifts framed or unframed.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed in pencil by the artist.
Sold in pristine/never framed condition (sold unmatted/unframed).
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
ALL MATERIALS ARCHIVAL QUALITY AND PERMANENT Signed Woodcut Limited edtion Landscape Traditional up to 6 in

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