Original Woodcut City of the World 2012 5-panel (22x30 each) Collaborative Puzzle Print Very Limited 112 International Artists

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City of the World 2012 Original Woodcut Print

Year: 2011-2012
Title: City of the World
Artists: 112
Print Type: Collaborative Woodcut Puzzle Print
Paper: Stonehenge Natural
Dimensions: Five (5) panels, each 30 x 22 inches or 76 x 56 centimeters
Image Dimensions: Bleed to size of paper
Block: Cherry plywood, five (5) panels approximately same size as paper
Ink: Daniel Smith Traditional Black #79 Oil Based

Project Information
Briefly, a Monumental Puzzle Print is a large design composed of "puzzle pieces", each of which is designed and carved by a unique artist under a common theme. The project director designs and cuts the wood block into puzzle-like pieces, then sends the pieces to participant artists; they carve their own small design and send the tiny piece back. Then the director assembles the carved pieces. The entire design is printed as a woodcut print after the puzzle is reassembled and finally each participant receives a huge print encompassing the entire design. This is the fifth such project and for as long as I have the energy, there will be many more to come.
Contributions from each artist vary from delicate to whimsical to bold and, together, make each print as beautiful and unique as only collaborative puzzle-art can be. Each piece represents not only a unique style and design but a person, an artist, a unique individual, a fellow earthling previously unknown. Each piece loses itself and unites as a whole, the same way a single musical instrument perfectly melds into the harmony of an orchestral composition. Large, small, human, animal, literal, abstract, proud and humble…all together we make art in perfect harmony.

The book City of the World 2012: Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Print was born and is now available through Amazon.com in both print and e-book versions. It includes not only the panels and the maps of all the participants but each participant artist is featured in their own page where they comment on their unique images. The book is included.