Original Woodcut Print Color Dreamcatchers Surreal Figure Red Sunset

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Color Puzzle Woodcut 2004
12" x 16"
Limited Edition of 46

Block: Cherry
Ink: Mixes of red, dark red, umber, copper, black
Paper: Beechgrove Paperworks Hand-made Old Masters Tan
Process: This is a "puzzle" piece, in which the block was sawn in 2 pieces prior to printing. Each piece is inked separately with its separate color, the block is assembled at press. There is a rainbow mix on each piece, which means I mixed two inks while loading the roller. The result is a color print done in one single pass.

Image: Traveling the Southwest the tourist is pelleted with cliche images of Native themes, including a variety of colorful Dreamcatchers. This little spider-web like device was placed outside Native dwellings and was meant to let out the bad spirits while letting in all good things.

In my own version, the very alive dreamcatchers wait just outside a cave and do their spirit sorting duties.

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