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1000 Woodcuts

Original Woodcut Print Surreal Male Figure River Water Vessel

Original Woodcut Print Surreal Male Figure River Water Vessel

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Ink and Paper
2000 Woodcut
18" x 23"
Edition: 24

Block: Maple
Ink: Oil based, black
Paper: Handmade Earth Clay
Process: A happy accident occurred when the first sheet of dry paper, having earthy inclusions such as small pebbles, dented the block under the pressure of the press. Despite being horrified, I did not want to waste some 45 hours of carving, so I dampened the rest of the paper stock heavily to soften it and proceeded to print the dented block. To my surprise, the print looked much better "dented" than it had when the black masses were intact.
Image: I wanted to capture the "creation" of a print with an image representing the pouring of black ink on paper. Such a simple process can yield such beauty as a desert canyon parted by a river. Just ink and paper, really.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed and numbered in pencil. Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 12 to 36 in
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