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1000 Woodcuts

Southwest Desert Landscape New Spring Fine Art Print Delicate Watercolor

Southwest Desert Landscape New Spring Fine Art Print Delicate Watercolor

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After the Fire, A New Spring
Fine Art Print of an original color woodcut
From an original woodcut print by Maria Arango Diener - 1000 Woodcuts.
Printed with dye jet inks on satin photo paper, UV treated.
Studio chops and signature on image edge.

Please choose size.
You can customize the print to fit your needs.
Customization can include altering colors and/or adding text, let us know your needs.
Custom orders not returnable.

Print Title: After the Fire, A New Spring

Image: In 2008 we had a horrible fire up at our mountain island, a near 12 thousand foot peak called Mount Charleston very near Las Vegas, Nevada. The fire started down in the canyon of the Spring Mountains and lapped up a huge amount of land. The scars are very evident, where it crossed roads, where it jumped fire breaks, where it scorched 50 year old Joshua trees and everything around them. Mountain residents were evacuated and the fire came within a few hundred yards of one of the tiny residential areas.
This year I was driving up the mountain and I decided to take photos of the interesting burned landscape. Then I could come back every year to see nature's progress in reclaiming the mountain. I was surprised by the growing carpet of blue, purple and orange that had already begun to sprout! Between the blackened yucca, new growth afoot and yucca blooms sprouting in some of the trunks. Sprinkles of purple sage and globe mallow everywhere, daisies here and life on the mountain springing up everywhere!

An art print is a printed image of an artwork. All Maria Arango Diener art prints are enhanced reproductions of original woodcuts. Original means that the image was conceived and created first by Maria Arango Diener, not copied from another source.

Copyright ©1000 Woodcuts 1997 - Maria Arango Diener - All rights reserved
Maria Arango Diener images are copyrighted by the artist and the brand 1000 Woodcuts in the year created. It is illegal to create reproductions by any means including any visual format, print or digital, creation of derivative works, use in websites, books, as illustrations or for any other purpose without explicit, written consent. Please refer to US Copyright Laws for more information. Signed Fine Art Print Open edition Landscape Traditional
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