White Pine Tree Small Original Woodcut from Alpine Mountain Trees Landscape Collection

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White Pine
The most common alpine tree in the desert mountains, shades trails for hiking enthusiasts and tree huggers

Signed in pencil by the artist
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist


Each Approximately 6 x 2.5 in Paper Size, image slightly smaller
Edition 200

Block: Shina Plywood
Ink: Black
Paper: Handmade Daphne from Nepal
Process: Sketched on the field

These are small versions of larger works, also available as a collection in Collector's Sets

Nevada’s history is fraught with tales of toughness and perseverance, but also of ongoing growth. Perhaps this process and history are best illustrated by the Mojave Desert’s rugged trees. Among them are the pinyon pine, the first tree adopted as our symbol and a giver of life to our native inhabitants; the white pine and the bristlecone, another of Nevada’s symbols, found in some of the most seemingly uninhabitable landscapes and illustrative of longevity and perseverance; the Joshua tree, a living symbol of survival and the Mojave’s cherished landmark; the desert willow splashing the landscape with delicate flowers and telling the traveler of hidden springs.
Suitable for smaller frames, these make great gifts framed or unframed. Signed Woodcut Limited edtion Landscape Traditional up to 6 in

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