Latest Studio Work and a Sale

Greetings everyone!
First thing, I am having some serious clutter reduction sales in any and all my online web shops, marketplace stores and perhaps even will peddle on the sidewalk this weekend. 
With no events in sight, this seems to be the way of the future, I think people are buying "comfort art" these days.
Some places to shop
Right here: where two events are happening 9/1 to 9/8 a LaborWeek 30% OFF Sale and/or Buy 1 item Get 1 item at 50% off
Other shops everything on sale at 20% off LaborDay Weekend  I have over 100 auctions all week, selected (read bulky, framed, larger) items at 50% yep, that's right, half price
With that out of the way, let's talk shop
Latest project
I finished the block for the Flower Wizard. Truth be told, this is not the original block that gave birth to the print but a remake deep relief carving in basswood. After all these years of carving cherry I am truly truly in love with a wood that doesn't fight me back. I will stain the newly carved relief this week to match the original print. I like the wood to show through so I use mixes of polyurethane with slight tints of oil colors or raw pigments. Quite fun!
Flower Wizard print, a puzzle where each color was sawn and inked separately, then assembled before printing all colors at once.
The Wizard relief block in basswood, freshly cut in deep relief. The block is about an inch and a half and some of the deepest mountains in the horizon go in about three quarters.
Puzzle Print 100 Acts of Kindness coming along
Fifty blocks have arrived back from far away lands and they are now properly placed in the butterfly's wings. The image is really coming along and the theme "100 Acts of Kindness" makes for these wonderful discoveries in my mail box. I also get tiny prints, chocolate and hand-written notes from my friend printmakers all over the world. Each participant gets a piece of the puzzle and carves their image without knowing where their piece will be placed. All around a great feel-good experience and I can't wait to get inky and print the whole thing.
My blog is the best place to follow the progress: unless you are on Facebook wher we have our own Puzzle Group page here:
I will leave you with pictures of some of the blocks; there are 5 blocks in all Fly.Now.Live.Be.Free.
That's the scoop for the month! Staying busy and coping well and hoping you are too.
Breathe and feel the earth,
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