What does "original" mean?
Original means that it was created by Maria Arango, not copied from another source. Woodcuts are original prints, not reproductions of another artwork. They are like photographs in that one image is printed in multiple copies. In the case of my woodcuts, they are always in limited editions and signed and numbered.

What is a woodcut? How are they made?
A woodcut is the artistic name to refer to a woodcut print. Woodcuts are made by designing an image on a block of wood, carving away the parts of the image that will NOT be included (like a stamp). Next ink is applied on the raised parts and the ink is transferred to paper with pressure.

What does Copyrighted, all rights reserved mean?
Maria Arango Diener images are copyrighted in the year created: It is illegal to create reproductions by any means including any form of print or digital, creation of derivative works, use in websites, books, as illustrations or for any other purpose without explicit, written consent. Please refer to US Copyright Laws for more information.

When I buy your image, am I buying any copy rights? Can I use it to create t-shirts or cards?
No you may not without asking me first and receiving explicit permission from me. Please refer to US Copyright Law.
Purchasing an image from an artist does not give the purchaser any rights whatsoever to the image itself. All rights are legally retained by the original creator of the image.

Am I purchasing the exact woodcut that is pictured in the listing?
Under most circumstances, no. Photos of the print are taken from a representative of the edition, usually an artist's proof. Since all my woodcuts are hand printed, there may be a very slight variation across the edition.

Are your woodcuts matted or framed?
No they are not, all woodcuts are enclosed in an archival, acid-free clear bag suitable for long-term storage or temporary display. Item description will indicate if a specific woodcut is offered "matted, ready to frame" or "framed".

Are your original woodcuts signed and numbered?
All my woodcuts are signed and numbered; all are printed in limited editions by my own hand. All Maria Arango images are original creations of the artist.

How quickly do you ship after payment?
I ship Monday through Friday within one business day of receiving cleared payment. Please let me know of any specific requirements you may have regarding receiving shipment: vacation, overnight, etc.