1000 Woodcuts Updates

  • New puzzle print in the works!

    Every two years or so I engage in recruiting 50-100 of my best printmaking friends to complete a massive collaboration woodcut. The theme for 2022-23 is Human.Nature. Read all about it!
  • Another print sees the light! Liquid Glow

    warming light
    liquid glow
    a new dawn
    For some reason this size paper inspires figures immersed in nature (often represented by a lone woman, go figure)
  • October CRAZY2020 other updates

    Greetings!   Update on Flower Wizard and other blocks Finished! The Wizard relief block in basswood, stained in light pigmented polyurethane. Stai...
  • Latest Studio Work and a Sale

    Studio news, another block gets done and a sale for Labor Day.
  • Conversation With a Canyon II and more

    Progress on the Conversation With a Canyon series and making lemonade in the studio, well, not really, just adapting to life away from my beloved collectors. It's all good online!
  • Lure Me In is finished and drying

    Finished the first of two Conversation With a Canyon prints. Lure Me In is drying and Lead Me Out has begun carving (well, not by itself!). Hoping to finish in another couple of weeks, then, who knows...
  • A day in the studio, conversation with a canyon

    Working on the Conversation With a Canyon series (of two, let's not overdo it :-). Ink is mixed, key block is carved, color block is cut and I'm ready to print.
  • About Collector Sets

    Working in a series is how artists keep ideas flowing and fully explore a subject. These collector sets are related and look great together!
  • Late May Update

    Online updates, some auctioneering going on, new website (you're looking at it!) and latest from the studio. New works and a new original block gets a brand new colorful dress.
  • Working on...

    New works in progress Just about done with a new version of an older work. I changed the name because I can so what used to be "Pine creek" is now ...