October CRAZY2020 other updates

Update on Flower Wizard and other blocks
Finished! The Wizard relief block in basswood, stained in light pigmented polyurethane. Staining is a bit of a risk because it is a very permanent process but I find "people like color" even if subtle. I like color. The block is about an inch and a half and some of the deepest mountains in the horizon go in about three quarters.
All the details can be seen here: https://1000woodcuts.com/collections/original-woodblocks/products/flower-wizard-southwest-landscape-hand-carved-relief-original-woodblock-colored-satin-finish
My personal evolution on blocks
I always wondered what printmakers do with their blocks but most just cancel them by scoring the front and stack them "for posterity" in their respective studios. Not being one to follow protocol and due to my booth visitors interest, I decided long ago to start making blocks available to collectors. At first I would just clean them up after finishing the edition of woodcuts, let the last layer of ink dry on them and carve my signature and studio chop on the front.
Later I decided to start carving them a bit in relief merely because the carving of the wood is my favorite part of the printmaking process. Now, today, I just design blocks in the spirit of some of my older works or brand new creations and carve in deep relief. I am up to about 2 inch deep blocks and soon I believe I will evolve into full 3D carving, maybe.
Another interesting evolution have been a couple of "made to order" blocks whereby a collector sends me a photo or idea and we work together to come up with the desired hand carved custom block. All so far have been purchased as gifts and I really enjoy working with someone to fulfill their ideas. As a bonus for me, I get to create something outside my usual realm; for what I understand about physiology, that creates new brain cells and we all need more of those! (that was a joke, 'case you wonder).
Other Projects
1000 Acts of Kindness is nearly complete, waiting for a few stragglers so I can proceed to the next phase of the project. I will start printing oh so soon I can already smell the ink. I will faithfully document the process in the two "homes" of the puzzle project:  https://1000woodcuts.blogspot.com/  https://www.facebook.com/groups/puzzlewoodcutprints
Printing/finishing editions continues off and on. Once upon a time I was soooo busy creating new images that I would carve and print a little of the edition, then go on to the next image. Boy how I have come to regret that. These days, I will run out of a print (usually find out when I go fulfill an order and can't find the "last print" I thought I had), then I frantically search for the block, run to the studio, set up, crank the wheel and MAKE MYSELF finish the entire edition before I'm allowed back out. Whew!
Busy season!
After a full year of webinars, marketing and, mostly, learning and progressing into the online world, I have to report the busiest summer and starting of fall season ever! I am thankful for that. Things have sure changed in the online shopping world, mostly toward the pure image and mobile platforms. Nobody reads my carefully crafted descriptions, I have to laugh at that, but as long as shoppers are happy, I'm happy. Much more to learn to be seen on the vast world wide web so I will keep fine tuning for the coming year.
Some places to shop if you are inclined this season
https://1000woodcuts.com appropriately enough, you can save 30% by entering CRAZY2020 until the end of this crazy year :-)
https://www.etsy.com/shop/1000woodcuts use VIP30 at checkout for 30% discount, this reserved code never expires
https://www.ebay.com/str/1000woodcuts  starting auctions again, they're fun! Mostly at 30-50% off on selected works
New shop for larger works, blocks and figures https://www.rubylane.com/shop/1000-woodcuts
Wishing everyone continued health.
Breathe and feel the earth,
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