Original Print Woodcut Jumpdance Children Jumping Playing Handmade Paper

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2000 Woodcut
11 x 8 inches
Edition 100

Block: Cherrywood
Ink: Rainbow roll, mixes of gold & umber
Paper: Handmade Daphne
Process: Single block and print
Image: In carving these little jump dancers, a little girl approached my booth and attended carefully to my cutting the wood. She finally asked: "are these boys or girls?"
"They are woodpeople," I replied.
"Aaahhh!," she had presumably heard of 'woodpeople' before, because that seemed to answer her question completely to her satisfaction. Children are such an inspiration.

Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist
ALL MATERIALS ARCHIVAL QUALITY AND PERMANENT Signed Numbered Woodcut Limited edition Figures Surrealism 12 to 36 in

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