Original Woodcut Waterfall Breaks High River Desert Landscape Handmade Paper

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Cedar Breaks
Woodcut Print
6 x 4 in
Edition 200

Block: Cherrywood
Ink: Black oil based
Paper: Handmade varies
Process: Sketched on the field
Image: Paper color may vary, all are printed on hand-made paper or watercolor paper
Use them as cards or frame them as beautiful mini-art!
These smaller works are usually sketched on the field while I hike around the Southwest and Rocky Mountains. Many times I work from memory after I get back to the campsite or the studio so it is difficult to tell exactly where I've been (even for me!).

I started making these smaller prints to get rid of small chunks of wood, bits of paper and little wrapped globs of ink. I could have called this the "leftovers" series! In art festivals, people like to take something after viewing my larger works; I gratefully obliged by providing them with these hand printed mini works for all occasions.

All my woodcuts are made in limited editions, signed in pencil by the artist.
Sold in pristine/never framed condition (sold unmatted/unframed).
Designed, cut and hand-printed by the artist

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